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Conference Papers and Articles

  • Sillence, Matthew and T. A. Heslop. 2014. “Putting Seals on the Map: Francis Blomefield’s Plan of the City of Norwich (1746) and the Constitution of Civic History”. In Seals and Their Context in the Middle Ages, ed. Phillipp Schofield, 173-186. Oxford: Oxbow Books
  • Sillence, Matthew. 2008. “…in quella era Unico al Mondo’: Reassessment of Cinquecento Seal Engraving and the Seal Matrices of Lautizio da Perugia'”. In Good Impressions: Image and Authority in Medieval Seals, ed. J. Cherry and J. Robinson, 103-5. London: British Museum Press
  • Sillence, Matthew. 2005. “The Two Effigies of Archbishop Walter de Gray (d. 1255) in York Minster”. Church Monuments 20: 5-30, pl. 6.

Review Articles

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